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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Main towers on Cataclysm finished

I finally got to building the main towers on Cataclysm! All of the elements and lifts will be built onto these towers. There's a new lift under construction that you can see in the picture above. Also, I built a "wall" around the base three red rods high. This is to keep the cats out of the interior of the machine, and it works. :-) I took the batteries out of all of the motors on the large arm lift, since I'm not running the arm anymore during construction of other things. Once I get some crossties I bought from eBay a month ago (which should have already come), I'll be able to complete the large arm lift. All I need to do is add a gate mechanism at the bottom, and the large arm lift will be complete. Hopefully I won't save that part for last, like I did with the ball catcher in Wipe Out's rotating arm lift.

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