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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Ball Machine Started

I have now started to build a new ball machine! I'm almost done with the first lift; I'm working on the motor. I started building the lift in March 2010, but then put it aside until Cataclysm was down. But, I began the actual ball machine yesterday. This ball machine won't take up as much space as Cataclysm did, but that doesn't really mean it will be smaller. ;-) It won't have as much lifts either, but it will have more paths. It will have one, maybe two networks that go to the very top. I hope to finish it by the end of summer. I won't post any pictures now, but I might do a few updates in the future.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Inverted Double Helix Lift

This lift is one that I recreated from Cataclysm. It's different than the original double helix lift because there is a tower in the center that spins around, and the helix is on the outside. This makes it more efficient, because it can be made much higher.

Click here for the instructions! The one in the instructions isn't very tall, but it's easy to modify to make taller.

Here is a video.