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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Main towers on Cataclysm finished

I finally got to building the main towers on Cataclysm! All of the elements and lifts will be built onto these towers. There's a new lift under construction that you can see in the picture above. Also, I built a "wall" around the base three red rods high. This is to keep the cats out of the interior of the machine, and it works. :-) I took the batteries out of all of the motors on the large arm lift, since I'm not running the arm anymore during construction of other things. Once I get some crossties I bought from eBay a month ago (which should have already come), I'll be able to complete the large arm lift. All I need to do is add a gate mechanism at the bottom, and the large arm lift will be complete. Hopefully I won't save that part for last, like I did with the ball catcher in Wipe Out's rotating arm lift.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Wreath

Here's something that will look good around Christmas time: a wreath! This was only built in a day, and it uses 382 pieces, most of which are green rods and green connectors. In addition to the green, there's white rods and connectors for snow, red connectors for berries, a ribbon at the bottom, and more. I made instructions for it if you want to build it; click here for that.

This is an entry into this Knex contest, and I won 1st place! View the instructions for more pictures.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Miter Saw

This is a miter saw that I built in only two days (imagine that!). I built for a contest. The blade spins and can cut paper. The best part about it is that the blade guard lifts up automatically as you push the saw down, just like the real thing. Plus, it's huge, heavy, and uses lots of flexi-rods. :-)

Here's how it works; when you push the saw down, fishing line gets reeled out in the back. A shaft turns, which is geared up so another shaft spins faster. Another strand of fishing line is attached to this shaft. When one strand of fishing line gets pulled out, another gets pulled in at a faster rate. One strand goes through the base and up into the saw, going through many wheels (yes, this was very hard to put through the wheels). There's also rubber bands that help reset everything.

Click here for the official gallery to see all of the pictures!

This is a 1st place contest winner!

Click here to see the official parts list
, plus pictures of the saw during deconstruction! You'll be able to see the insides of the saw and the mechanism.

Watch the video here.